Emergency Pager Changes - 29-Apr-2006

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Emergency Pager Changes - 29-Apr-2006

Post by porcupine » Sat Apr 29, 2006 4:15 pm

Hello Everyone,

We've recently been receiving an unacceptable amount of SPAM email to our emergency pager. We suspect this is the result of insecure customer "contact pages" which some customers utilize to keep their staff up to date, and compromised customer address-books that have the pager email saved.

As a result of this, on an almost daily basis, we have been receiving spam to the emergency-pager that has passed through the SpamAssassin filters (around a dozen emails trapped sucessfully on a daily basis), and as such, we end up getting woken up in the dead of night with spam emails to our cell phones, and blackberries.

Given this, we are changing some of the internal filters in relation to the pager. From now on, all messages with the string "http://" will be ignored. Since the vast majority of spam involves a web link, this should almost eliminate all spam to our pager system. Customers should not be sending emergency pages with http:// In the page to begin with (as the pager is intended to be utilized as a last resort contact method).

All customers should note, that effective immediately, any messages sent to the pager with a url included within them (please check your email signatures!) will be automatically, and completely silently discarded, with no bounce backs. We will not even have the opportunity to review any such emergency page requests, and will not compensate any customer, for missed pages in relation to this.
Myles Loosley-Millman
Priority Colo Inc.

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