Changes to billing - Re: July-2006 GST tax changes

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Changes to billing - Re: July-2006 GST tax changes

Post by porcupine » Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:08 am

Hi Guys,

Well first off, before even making people read any more then they absolutely need to, let me define who this notice affects:

1. All Canadian customers
2. Server colocation customers (Canadian & International)

As many of you are likely already aware, earlier this month the Canadian government has announced a general tax cut, reducing GST from 7% to 6%, and HST from 15% to 14% (in provinces that pay HST instead of GST/PST, source: ... eqa-e.html ), effective on 01-Jul-2006.

Canadian customers who currently pay GST or HST on their services (and Colocation customers from abroad who pay GST on their colocated gear) will now be paying 1% less GST on their services.

Unfortunately, with such short notice (~1 Month), most merchant providers have been left poorly equipped to handle the change. For all customers paying by Visa or MasterCard directly, we will make every reasonable attempt to have the billing seamlessly modified, with new subscriptions active (at the new GST rate) and old subscriptions cancelled before they are automatically renewed. For customers paying manually by monthly invoice (check, wire transfer, money order, etc.), the new GST amount should show on your next invoice, etc. If your invoice/payment has not been correctly modified (and you pay GST/HST), please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Unfortunately for customers paying by PayPal, we are unable to independently lower the recurring subscription values. As a result of this, short of cancelling all recurring PayPal subscriptions (which is not a viable option due to the design of the PayPal recurring system), we will be offering the customers the following solution:

Customers who pay by PayPal will have their service rates increased 1% (so their monthly rates will remain the same, and recurring subscriptions need not change). Customers who would like to receive the 1% discount on their services may apply to receive it (and coordinate a new subscription for their account) by emailing prior to 01-Aug-2006. Customers who do not formally make this request before 01-Aug-2006 will remain at the new service rate (1% more then their existing service rate).

This change in GST rates will affect all applicable invoices issued prior to 01-Jul-2006, and all services rendered, or purchased prior to 01-Jul-2006 (regardless of when the invoice is generated), specifically including customers who have paid their first/last month in advance, and yearly accounts.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or concerns.

Myles Loosley-Millman
Priority Colo Inc.

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