Suite 818 - UPS/HVAC/Fire Upgrades

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Suite 818 - UPS/HVAC/Fire Upgrades

Post by porcupine » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:44 am

Hello Everyone,

I'm pleased to report, that we are expanding on the core physical infrastructure in our 818 suite, specifically including the UPS, HVAC, and Fire Suppression systems, to accommodate the current customer base, and future growth. Having said this, we expect that October 2009 will be a busy time on-site, and will involve contractors in/out of suite on a daily basis, diligently supervised by PC staff.

We have procured an additional, brand new Powerware 9390-160, with a full wrap-around bypass cabinet, and the largest production battery cabinet currently available by Eaton/Powerware. This unit will be used to provide redundant power to customers who wish to purchase a redundant "B" feed, and additional power to any existing/future customers as required. We will be gradually transitioning some of the load in our dedicated cage over to the secondary UPS, to take advantage of this diversity, providing dedicated server/escorted colocation customers with multiple servers, the same benefit.

We have also procured a brand new, Liebert 32 ton chilled water, HVAC unit. This will be the third (and likely final) HVAC for the 818 suite, bringing us up to 92 tons of HVAC capacity, or roughly 1 ton of usable HVAC, per 15sqft. This will leave us with 28 tons of spare capacity on the actual chilled water pipes, which can be utilized down the road for top-drop/ceiling mount units, if they ever become necessary. Additionally, we will be installing Variable Speed Drive (VSD) units into our new and existing HVAC units, in an effort to improve efficiency. This will throttle down the fan speeds, when less cooling is demanded on the individual units, potentially increasing efficiency by 50% over the current configuration, while reducing noise, without sacrificing the cooling capacity delivered to customers: An all around benefit.

Fire Suppression:
As promised initially when we began suite construction, we are finalizing the installation of our new Novec 1230 system, which will provide preemptive fire suppression for 818, using environmentally friendly, and equipment friendly, "synthetic water" suppression. Novec1230 is currently the most environmentally friendly suppression system on the market, a clean agent, with an atmospheric lifetime of 5 days, versus over 30 years for FM200 (the next leading suppression agent).

All of these projects are set to be completed, and completely online by, or before 31-Oct-2009. Customers who have any questions or concerns regarding this should contact us at

Additionally, customers who wish to purchase power (either as additional, or redundant/diverse feeds) from the new UPS, or who wish to transition any existing circuits to the new UPS for the sake of diversity, should contact us immediately. We will be offering considerably reduced installation fee's, and offering initial (setup/recurring) incentives for redundant power connections for any new power orders placed before 31-Oct-2009.

Notably, customers who wish to transition existing circuits to the new UPS for the sake of diversity, will pay a nominal one time fee for the new circuit installation (read: below cost), without any additional recurring fee's, as our added incentive for customers to make the most of our available resources!
Myles Loosley-Millman
Priority Colo Inc.

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