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I am looking for a reseller account. I sent a message with several questions to sales@... but I forgot to add something.

I see on this page (http://www.prioritycolocation.com/about.shtml) that you have a 99.99% Guaranteed Link Uptime (less than 8 hours per month downtime). This means that you will give me back the all the money for that month or:
- just appologize
- pay back only for downtime
- refund if I will also leave your network

The annouced downtimes are included in the 8 hours frame?

Can you tell me if you refunded someone until now? Why?

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Post by porcupine »

Our link has a 99.99% uptime guarantee to us
in turn, we provide a 99.5% uptime guarantee to our customers. In the event of network downtime, you will receive 1 days compensation of your monthly fee's for every .5% of downtime, up to the complete value of that month's fee's (not including tech support, hardware purchases, etc.).

99.99% isn't actually 8 hours of downtime, i think you might have calculated around 99%, not 99.99%, but 99.5% is 3.6 hours of downtime per month. And no, schedueled maintenance is not included in this, but schedueled maintenance is relatively rare, and on we've only had one schedueled maintenance go for over an hour.
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