priority colo in peer1 toronto

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priority colo in peer1 toronto

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ever thought of hosting stuff from there? i just like their network thats all :shock:
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We can get (and do have) peer1 connectivity already. Theres no need to host in another facility just to get that as our current location is carrier neutral, instead it's merely affected by the types of transit we choose to use.

Currently we have access to 2x100mbps peer1 feeds, one is for a private customer (who as you, likes their network, and was willing to pay the price tag as peer1 is about 60% more expensive then our current network per mbps), and one is used as a failover. We're considering picking up our own transit from peer1 in the near future (as while they're more expensive, their prices aren't that uncompetitive), instead of having the bgp outsourced and paying someone else to do such.

All in all, if clients want peer1, it can be arranged, but it carriers a heavier price tag then the regular transit, everything has it's price :).
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