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I am interested in getting a server. I have a question regarding bandwidth. For celeron 1, it shows the allocated transfer is: 1/2mbps ~162GB. Does it mean I can have 162GB of monthly transfer upstream and downstream combined and the bandwidth is capped at 0.5mbps?

Will there be any special offers on dedicated servers?

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Hello perl5,

The bandwidth indication for the Celeron Package #1 is that you are allocated 1/2mbps of bandwidth, burstable to 10mbps. Accounts are billed using the industry standard 95th percentile. Thus your link is not capped (at 0.5mbps), but instead burstable to a full 10mbps.

We often run specials on dedicated servers, best thing to do is to email us and find out whats currently being offered, as we often have "stray" servers that are not the same specs as the majority of our offerings.
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