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Post by tomadams »

I have a client who is able to browse his site from but not from I can from my vantage point, and have tested using - but unsure why he can't browse with the www prefix? Any ideas... thoughts?

Could this be something with his local ISP? His internal settings? A firewall issue?

Please advise.

Tom Adams
Tom Adams
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Post by porcupine »

get him to open up a dos prompt ("cmd" command in Windows XP) and do a ping to both "" and "".

By default, all the Reseller/Shared servers (and essentially, any CPanel based servers) will setup both the "" and "" DNS aliases in the core DNS entry for any domain (unless you input the domain names in a reseller account improperly granted), so both should work by default, though theres always the possibility of unsual circumstances.
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