A refreshing change

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A refreshing change

Post by vito »

Hi all. I just signed up as a reseller here at PC. As I slowly get settled in, I took a few minutes to read through the posts in the forum. I've gotta say, it's like I moved to a new country. In the past, I'm used to being in a reseller forum where everyone's uptight, screaming for service, begging for better uptime, etc.

After reading all the posts here, it feels sooooooo peaceful. People are happy, questions are answered, everyone is civil. Go figure.

I think I'm going to like it here at PC... :D And yes, Myles, this smiley does have kind of a devilish look to it.

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Post by porcupine »

Glad im not the only one who thinks these smileys are kinda scary, might steal the WHT ones :D
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Post by charlie »

Welcome Vito..

I was with the same host you were (I won't mention the name, we both know who we're talking about). Yes, you will find Myles provides a level of service FAR above what we experienced at that other place :)
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Post by markcw »

I'm a newbie here too and my first reseller account.

So far I have no conplaints. Myles has been working on a Frontpage problem with me and has remained unseemingly cool.

So far I'm happy I'm here too!
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Post by Excal »

well geez maybe i should pay attention more to our stuff i didnt even know there was that many users that registered on here hehe i figured everyone was doing the help desk thing well atleast this is taking off
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So far so good

Post by gd »

:D Hi.
I also signed up for reseller account based in what I read here,yeh it
sounds like the tech support do their job in answereing and having
fun to. I dealt with some stuck up techs, You ask a question and they
give you a answer with a couple text lines like you are to know everything they know.

Right now I mostly using the space for myself and friends. Vito I checked your website, looks nice.
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PC Rocks!

Post by atoning »

I have been with PC nearly a year now and I think I can safely say that Myles does a fantastic job and I am so glad he doesnt have a life and is always available :-) Kidding! I am sure he has one...maybe just a little one?

I was referred to PC by a colleague and have never looked back I have been hosting web sites on my own servers for quite a few years but decided to give Rseller Hosting a go and with PC I have been spoilt the service and support is great.

I recently ventured out to try a Windows Reseller I wont name them but <cough> datapacket <cough> without doing much research thinking that they will all be like Myles...BING BONG Wrong! I got stung big time and lost business because of it!

It is safe here and secure there are no sharks there are no criminals come and enjoy the water it is fine!

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