Shared directory among 2 domains

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Shared directory among 2 domains

Post by Binarymind »

Hi - I have a script that is running on a domain 'x' and a partial version of the same script running on domain 'y'. The site visitos upload files but they need to be visible to the admin login of domain 'x', so...

Is there a common directory that is shared with both domains that can be used for a file repository?

It doesn't matter where it is located.

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Post by gands »

If domain 'y' is either parked on top of or is an addon domain to domain 'x', they both share directories. (Because domain 'x' is the cpanel account, but domain 'y' is piggybacked on top of domain 'x' as an addon domain or parked domain.) Your best option would be as an addon domain because it will function as a separate domain, while a parked domain appears exactly like domain 'x'.

However, If those two domains are separate cpanel accounts, they do not share any common directories. For good reason, too.
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