Questions about Reseller Package

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Questions about Reseller Package

Post by ChrisG »


First off, I'm totally new to this, I've had my sites hosted before, but never hosted someone elses so If I sound stupid, it's probably NOT on purpose ;)

I'm thinking of getting Reseller Package #4

I have many questions to ask, if you'd be kind enough to reply to them as best as you can I'd appreciate it greatly.

  • #1 - Private Name Servers - Does this mean that I'm able to have (where would be my domain) and customers/clients would use this as their DNS settings?

    #2 - I've not had a chance to use/view the WHM properly but am I to assume that it's technically the base of where all actions are carried out? e.g. adding domains, configuring their settings/options etc

    #3 - Am I able to set a groups of different accounts; domain50 = 2 MySQL databases, 1 Email account etc etc?

    #4 - Is there any set prices that I have to use when selling hosting space? Overselling = ?

    #5 - Just lookin at the packages page now I see; Private Nameservers
    and Private Shared IP, what is different between these two?

    #6 - Is Package #4 for the Reseller capable of running vBulletin, HiveMail etc?

    #7 - With regards to the TOS/AUP and its sections on bad language on websites etc, is this allowed to a certain degree or totally prophibited?
My questions are almost certainly "newbish" but I'd really appreciate the help. :D

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Re: Questions about Reseller Package

Post by porcupine »

Hello Chris,

Sorry for the slow reply, the forum is not actively monitored by our staff, just occasionally watched :).

1. Yes, you get ns1 and and your clients would use this.

2. Yes, WHM is the reseller adminstration tool, Cpanel is the end user panel.

3. Yes, you can customize accounts, and packages, etc.

4. Nope, you determine your pricing, overselling is enabled thus you can potentially allocate 5x more space then you have, and will only run into problems if people *use* more then you actually have.

5. Private shared IP indicates that all of your accounts are on your own shared IP instead of a server wide one. This shares the same IP as your ns1 nameserver, thus nobody else's accounts are hosted on the same ip.

6. As far as I know. Many customers use vbulletin, I'm not sure about hivemail, but it most likely can, as long as hivemail does not need to run as root.

7. You will not have any problem with this as long as you do not intend to host websites with the specific (and sole) purpose of slandering other individuals or companies, you will not have any problem with this. (we have < 2 incidents/year of this type).

Myles Loosley-Millman
Priority Colo Inc.
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