Few questions about a reseller package

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Few questions about a reseller package

Post by Alexander »

Hey Myles,

We met before on another forum (Alex[nl]) and I figured I would ask more questions here instead of in my own reply on the board there.

[1] In your tos you formulate SPAM as "any bulk email" ...
How do you formulate a mailinglist, are they allowed (opt in ones)? Don't get me wrong, I will not sent any spam or any bulk e-mail to non subscribers, but I sometimes (max once a month, usually once every 2 months) sent a mailing to ~1000 users out for my work, and wondered if that would be allowed.

[2] Web Hosting Manager Looks ok, I found a demo online here: (demo/demo) .. do you have the "WHM X Skin" running in it too? That one seems to make me understand it much better then the (I think) default skin.

[3] What server will the new reseller account be on, the Celeron or the Athlon?

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Post by porcupine »

Hi there Alexander,

1. SPAM, well, it really depends, if we get complaints about an account, notice our server is crawling because somebody has a cgi script molesting sendmail, or we notice an account sending an absurd amount of emails, it gets terminated, thats pretty much what it comes down to. If your recipients are willing, and your script doesen't attempt to paralyse our server, you will not have problems, if they complain, we look into it, and determine a course of action from there (im sure you're aware a good chunk of abuse reports are from people who dont take the time to go 'oh yeah! i did ask to be mailed this monthly!').

2. Yes, we run Xskin as one of the many CPanel skins on all servers

3. New reseller accounts are going on the celeron as it's loads are far lower, it used to be higher until a client was moved off it as they were using an absurd amount of resources (popular forum that just went totally overboard), after they moved we noticd the server itself was using < 10% load. The celeron may be upgraded at any time as it goes up to a few GB of RAM and any p4 cpu relatively quickly and easily, but we've not had the need for that yet, we try to keep them balanced in the most cost effective ways possible obviously.
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