Tor2 - Facility CRAC/HVAC Upgrades - 25-Sep-2017 - 27-Oct-2017

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Tor2 - Facility CRAC/HVAC Upgrades - 25-Sep-2017 - 27-Oct-2017

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Hi Folks,

Please be advised of the following maintenance window:

Maintenance Window: Monday September 25th - Wednesday September 27th, 2017
Facility: Tor2 Facility
Affected Device(s): hvac1.tor2, hvac5.tor2
Affected Customers: General/Facility
Service Impacting: No - Precautionary notice only

We will be replacing a portion of our CRAC/HVAC infrastructure in the Tor2 facility, with significantly newer and more efficient technology. HVAC1.tor2, and HVAC5.tor2 will be replaced with a single, larger capacity unit (a new Liebert DSE). The new unit will substantially decrease the facility PUE, and allow us to "free cool" a significant portion of our load during much of the year, something our current units are not able to accomplish.

Upon completion of this maintenance, 3 units from our current cooling system (HVAC2.tor2, HVAC3.tor2, HVAC4.tor2) will remain on-line, and available as secondary units (additional redundancy, given the new unit has its own/dedicated refrigerant loop to the roof, etc.), while the new DSE unit will become the preferred/primary unit.

Timeline of events:
- 20-Sep-2017 & 21-Sep-2017 - HVAC1.tor2, and HVAC5.tor2 will be disconnected (electrically/mechanically), drained of fluids, and made safe for physical transport/removal.
- 25-Sep-2017 - Specialized movers will be relocating the existing HVAC's from their current installed locations, to a staging area away from customer equipment in preparation for physical removal from the facility & further disassembly.
- 25-Sep-2017 - The opening left from HVAC1.tor2 will be replaced with raised floor, as this area is not being immediately re-used. The opening left from HVAC5.tor2 will have a safety enclosure built as the new unit will be located in this area.
- 25-Sep-2017 - The curtain wall/glazing company will remove a pair of windows from the suite. The windows selected are beside the cubicle space (far from customer equipment). The window opening will be boarded up with plywood for safety/to ensure the protection of the existing environmental systems.
- 26-Sep-2017 - Plywood will be removed from the windows, and the existing two CRAC units will be lifted out of the windows by specialized movers VIA a crane + basket.
- 26-Sep-2017 - The new Liebert DSE unit will be lifted through the same windows in several pieces, and re-assembled by a Liebert recommended technician, "built-in-place".
- 26-Sep-2017 - Once the crane lifts into the suite have concluded, plywood will be re-installed to cover the windows.
- 26-Sep-2017 - The crane will remain on-site, and lift additional structural steel + condenser units onto the building roof.
- 27-Sep-2017 - The curtain wall/glazing company will re-install the pair of windows into the suite, returning the curtain wall to normal.
- 28-Sep-2017 Onwards - Work with relation to connecting, and preparing the new CRAC unit for service. The new CRAC will go into service without additional notice/maintenance windows.

- Customer equipment - During the removal of HVAC1.tor2, customers will have limited access to their equipment for a ~10-15 minute period, while the HVAC is being manoeuvred down the front of the "A/B" aisle. Additionally there will be fluctuations in both air temperature and humidity during the removal, and window-work operations. Since the cold aisles are largely contained (with blanking panels, aisle containment doors, etc.), and the raised floor is pressurized, the impact should be minimal (and temperature/humidity ranges will be within reasonable norms inside the cold aisles).

- Customer Staff - Cardholders will notice additional materials around the site outside of the direct equipment areas (pipes, plywood, moving equipment, etc.). While these areas will be out of the way, we ask customer staff to avoid these areas. Customers who are on-site during the crane lift, will be directed by on-site staff, and asked to stay away from working areas (none of which are near customer equipment). Customers are asked to follow the direction of all on-site PC staff and contractors as necessary.

The planned work will be somewhat weather dependant, as crane lifts will not go ahead in stormy conditions, or heavy wind conditions. If weather prevents the lifts from happening on 26-Sep-2017, this work will be pushed out additional days to accommodate as necessary.

Customers who have questions/concerns/etc., should not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Myles Loosley-Millman
Priority Colo Inc.
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